“Let the maiden, with erect soul, walk serenely on her way, accept the hint of each new experience, try in turn all the gifts God offers her that she may learn the power and the charm that like a new dawn radiating of the deep of space, her new-born being is.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson “Heroism”


Last Thursday evening my daughter, her father, her friend and I braved going to a double story Barnes and Noble to meet the illustrator, Robin Priess Glasser, of the “Fancy Nancy” books. There were so many little girls dressed in tutus and tiaras and a few boys, who weren’t dressed up other than the mermaid crowns -I was glad they partook in the fun- that the B&N staff was handing out. I adore the “Fancy Nancy” books, one, because the illustrations are so whimsical you can get lost in them discovering the delight in the details and two, the introduction of fancy words. Anyone familiar with the books will be accustomed to reading plume then the sentence will say a fancy word for feather. I don’t know, maybe it’s the writer in me but it just makes me smile and get a bit giddy.


Words are what I do.


Well, words haven’t always been what I’d say I do but lately my mind is always on when it comes to words… little aha moments when I’m like “That’s IT! Exactly the word I’m looking for”. I was walking at the dog park one day this last winter doing a triple loop, as I needed the time to just walk so my mind could open up and allow the flow of words to come. I thought in my head “earthquake activity” and then a few seconds later almost as if someone responded to a question, I thought “seismic”. Eureka! That’s it, and all I could do was smile as one little word was better than two AND is a super word [or fancy] as I call them. Hmmm, to explain that one; have you heard of Sanskrit (there is Vedic and Classical )and I find that when there are translations the “words” are super words in that the translations need many words to do the original word justice as well as convey the complex meaning, let alone the pronunciation and how the sounds are a form of shaping the meaning into a frequency (vibration) for which the harmonics of the universe are built upon. Perhaps think of Chinese and Japanese where one symbol represents more than one word but a phrase or synergistic meaning. Like POW you’re hit with the word, the meaning and the feeling of saying the word. To me using fancy words are really using the POW as in the trinity of meaning, action and feeling [sound] hits you as you let it roll and unfold; just saying the word makes you smile or slight glow in your center of being radiates.


Here are some examples: barrage, ballistic, seismic, maelstrom, pedestrian, whimsy, flutter, crimson, salve, dusted, plume…


Sorry, I like words. They’re like little stars twinkling as I make my way putting pen to paper or fingertip to lap top, my own navigation as I write and let the process of writing unfold within resulting in my outward expression; the weaving of the story I’m to share.


While eating a delicious bacon egg sandwich at my favorite bakery and sipping on a soy latte last Saturday, I was reading and found the final name needed, Dew, in a cluster of characters for my story Glow. There are 5 elementals that will be helping Lux and Grayson as they make their way out of a sticky situation. The first two names came to me when waking up New Years Eve morning, as if my mind was working on the story while I slumbered. My first thought of that day was Cynder and Whym. If you’re not familiar with the term elementals, there are the beliefs that much like humans have a spirit or soul, so do the flora and fauna, the Earth and the elements that comprise this microcosm of the cosmos we inhabit. Cynder is a fire elemental while Whym represents air. I immediately wrote the two names down so I wouldn’t forget, lol, as if I could! Little discoveries like that just make me grin as my heart skips a beat. Then while perusing a favorite online catalog I came across another name Soie (French for silk and pronounced Swah) and I knew she represented the 5th element for which we do not know of but it connects the two worlds, that of spirit and that of physical (along with the in-betweens like mental etc.)


“The silken threads that connect the worlds of thought, feeling and being. The same threads that attach our self to our spirit self, an everlasting essence that cannot be weighed nor measured, for infinite has no bounds to be reached. Her grasp a divine matrix connecting all.”


 This is an excerpt of how I’ll describe her in Glow and actually it’s an example of how my friend, Elijah, helps me. This was written to him, I find what while connecting with him I naturally open up and the flow of words just comes. It’s a perk of our spiritual connection and friendship.


The last two names, Dash represents earth and Dew the water elemental, round out this group. I adore these little elementals as if my children for the story is alive and when I have these moments it truly makes me sit back and appreciate the beauty of life I’m given, this breath and ability to create, to capture a story that already exists… but I get to tell it.