I just put my little girl down for bed and will drop a few lines as I’m pretty proud of myself right now.

First, I remembered to put the trash out for garbage day. Woohoo!

Second, I have not (yet) killed the two plants she and I picked out for our valentines (okay T-minus 9 hours since they arrived, but you’d be surprised how quickly my black thumb reveals itself.) Think positive thoughts please, as during dinner she was trying to convince me her plant likes milk instead of water so I’m trying to gauge how long until hers is “milked” rather than watered.

And finally, I fixed both of my toilets’ flapper thingys and yes, that is the technical term.

I’m serious!

The replacements are called “The Forever Flapper”. Hmmm, I’ll have to mark this in a time capsule and see how the forever goes. I thought other things were forever ;) but have found out the only things truly forever are student loans and the apparent give and take with the number of hours in a day versus the sheer number of things I want to try/do/see/write/feel.

Back to the toilets, before any of my close single friends put my number on speed dial as “She’s Got Skills”. I feel I should concede I about lost my hands. Seriously!  I started to lose the feeling while trying to get the chain the right size with the loop so that the flush would actually pull the flap (wow, I sound like I know what I’m talking about). Numbness set in due to the submerging my hands in arctic cold water while attempting this feat.  Once I finished, I ran over to the bath and put my hands in the warm water with my little one. She just looked at me as if I was acting like our silly weimaraner getting in the bath for “fun”. However, after all that, I can say “I DID IT!”

Lol, we then proceeded to do celebratory flushes before heading to her bedroom for a bedtime story.

This will be short and sweet as I’m exhausted. It’s only Tuesday and at this rate it will feel like Friday tomorrow evening. The week started out with a sick little one. Fever and incessant coughing keeping us up for two nights, I felt so bad listening to her little body practically cough up a lung. But she’s on the mend, and I haven’t gotten the bug…yet *crosses fingers* ! I had to plant forehead kisses as assurance then heard the inner not-so-nice voice say, “c’mon maman, you can handle a lip kiss.”

Nope, I held firm letting her know I just didn’t want the germs. Then gave her 5 hugs. All tucked in she’s slumbering while I’m writing this quick blog before turning in with my new book “Romance of Two Worlds.” and a cup of tea.

Oh and Happy Valentine’s Day…I almost forgot. I was on Facebook earlier and read the day termed “Happy singles awareness day” I don’t know, there must be something wrong with me as being single on this day isn’t any different than any other day…

Well, other than I fixed my toilets and you know what? It’s not so bad, now that I can feel my fingers ;)