My dear friend Mikael is the symbolic Skyler character and I adore him. He’s 24, studies comparative religious studies by day and sings in a band until the wee hours. He lives in the south and has introduced me to a few things. Grits, sweet tea, hush puppies, My Chemical Romance /MCR moments,  the title of this post “special kinda pretty”, and lastly the fact that southern charm is alive and well in the lower states.

What, you might be saying, exactly IS a “Special kinda pretty”?

Well it’s what (or rather who) otherwise can be termed as blonde, experiencing a nature’s short circuit, ditzy, brain transmission missing a gear, or detail challenged.

We all have these moments but for some it’s a SPECIAL kinda of pretty.

A special kinda of pretty forgets she wrapped a knife spreader in her new scarf while traveling during the holidays only to be at that moment of going through security to have the agent look at her while raising his eyebrow… thinking “really this lady is smuggling a pewter spreader on her carry-on” while she feels the flush of embarrassment stammering  “oh shoot, yeah, right …about that spreader, you can take if you want to.” With a sheepish grin just looking back at him while shrugging her shoulders. [he let me have it by-the-way it’s in my silver ware drawer along with my other spreaders, I collect them….loooong story]

A special kinda pretty forgets to take the garbage to the curb at least once a month. (Hey 3 out of 4 isn’t a bad stat, lol)

A special kinda pretty uses the term dirty pool knowing it’s slang for low blow, but thinks it’s a swimming pool not…ummm…like playing pool not realizing her error until asking her friend if you swim in a dirty pool rather than playing dirty pool as he used it. *grins*

A special kinda pretty gets dark chocolate peanut butter confiscated at security [hmmm, sensing a theme ;) ] because she stupidly said it was most definitely NOT a candle in her bag (side note apparently the fact that it is flammable is not why the agent is asking if it’s a candle). Peanut butter is a liquid not a solid.  Who knew!

My friend Mikael said the Universe brought him into my life to get my funny back. He’s a special kinda pretty too and our conversations can be quite interesting when we’re both missing the details yet somehow we both track the others’ whirlwinds quite well. We’ve both vowed to tour Europe together but are a bit worried about two special kinda pretties wandering in foreign lands…

This post is for the moment you feel the flutter of laughter, for getting your funny back, and to remind us to not always take ourselves too seriously.

So this is for all of you, ahem…you know who you are…

Who stumble into flying (with style)

Who see the brighter side even if it’s a flashlight

Who laugh heartily even if you don’t get the joke

Keep smiling you special kinda pretties!