When I was little…
I used to think we were the stars. That the cosmos was just another part of the human condition…


I don’t know what it is about the cosmos but I’m in complete awe when I peruse the NASA APOD website (side note there is a link in my “fave page” section). Day in and day out we’re so absorbed with our life not realizing just how tiny the microcosm we live in truly is. I think it’s healthy to step back sometimes and look up, down and all around, taking it all in before one realizes the time has run out. I know it’s hard to take those moments in, but that’s how most can capture them. Like the constellations, bit by bit until one day one can say that the highlights were admired.


Here’s a few of my favorite NASA archived pics. I hope you enjoy. Below I’ve shared an excerpt from Glow.


Butterfly Nebula


Cats Eye Halo


From Chapter 12 in Glow-


“When he looks at me my entire body responds…expectantly. His gray eyes capture me, pulling me in deeper, so deep I almost forget we’re standing on top of the closest mountain here in Helena. I shiver not from the cold but from his proximity. He interprets this as me being cold and pulls me closer .  Mmhmm this feels nice, all 6 feet of him wrapping me in one warm embrace like an electric blanket. On top of Mount Helena we can see all of the city lights below from downtown Last Chance Gulch to the Helena Valley, spreading aimlessly until bumping into the Rockies, on either side. The sun has set off to the west leaving streaks of turquoise and indigo arching across the sky. I feel his breath moving in and out filling his muscular chest as his heart beats along as if to it’s own rhythm. Leaning in I sigh as he rests his chin on top my head… well, being short isn’t so bad in times like this.


“The sky seems dusted with stars Lux, what a beautiful night.” his deep voice surprising me with its tender resonance. “What are you thinking, was the hike worth it?” He peers down at me and I look up to meet his eyes seeing the question mirrored there, am I worth it.


Immediately I think, I can’t imagine anything not being worth this. I mean the view is great but here in his embrace, I feel so safe, so warm…so human. It’s amazing the full spectrum of emotions humans can feel at once, it can be disorienting and exhilarating at the same time. It’s in moments like these I realize why angels incarnate. To feel and experience this is to be given the opportunity to understand and grow, that which wasn’t originally meant for angels. Angels were created knowing all the mysteries of this universe, yet until somewhat recently in the grand scheme of things, unknowing of the experience  of being human.


“Of course it’s worth it. I can see all the stars, from the Big Dipper to Orion all on one dark canvas of a sky.” I smile realizing this is why Montana is called the Big Sky State. But even that doesn’t describe the true crystal clear beauty unfolding as night spreads her midnight cloak. The tiny twinkling lights look like someone took a handful of silver glitter and threw it up into the sky. And the falling stars, well that’s the glitter coming home.


“I could stay here all night.” I snuggle in to emphasize my point feeling his arms tighten in response. Breathing in the cool autumn air I’m very aware of the cold boulder as my lounger, but with my personal electric blanket I am eager to stay and fully enjoy this live planetarium. How different the cosmos looks from this perspective!


“Me too. How long have you been interested in the cosmos?” he asks so innocently. If he knew what I am,  he would realize the significance in his question.


“Well, really I just like to look up every once in awhile and appreciate the beauty of the stars like tiny dot-to-dots outlining the constellations. I’m not really into the gas and physics stuff.” I smile up at him hoping my nonchalantness worked. Part of my duties as a Dominion angel is to capture and record all the celestial bodies of the Milky Way and their evolution; Astronomy but the beginning to understanding the cosmos. Humans have a long way to come in the awareness of the cosmos and all that it encompasses; the visible universe is but a fraction of the whole.


“Gas and stuff, what would Mr. Hogan say?” he laughs indicating our physics professor would not be happy about my generalization. Never have I seen anyone who looks so much like Albert Einstein. He has the same silver crazy hair falling like cotton candy puffs around his head and perfectly matched mustache. His genius matches that of Einstein too, so brilliant that he just “knows” physics and expects the students to get it from his excited ramblings and symbols written on the whiteboard. I try to help as much as I can but even I have difficulty deciphering his lesson.


“Right, he may try but I’ll never fully understand his class. Who ever thought geniuses would have a difficult time teaching?”


“Seriously though, Lux, there’s so much more to you than Shakespeare and romance…isn’t there?” Grayson inquires, looking at me waiting for an answer. But what could I say…oh yes, I’m an angel here on celestial incarnation hoping to have a few human experiences. That would surely land me out of his arms on on the cold boulder by myself as he flees down the mountain side.


“Well…” I start to respond.


“Don’t worry, I’m just teasing you. You don’t have to answer as I’d rather figure you out on my own.” He slowly forms that same crooked grin, the one where you know he’s smiling at his own joke..only I feel like the punchline. Well, let him just try to figure me out.


“Good luck Grayson!” I smile knowing he’ll never uncover the secrets I’ve hidden and if he does, then pandora’s box will be opened and quite difficult to close again.